Profit Solutions has a team of top industry experts that know accounting, bookkeeping and taxation like the back of their hands. Due to our strong company culture, you will always find them friendly and helpful whenever you need something. You can trust us to keep track of your finances and help your business run better – It’s what we all love to do!

Unlike other firms, you will always speak with your assigned US-based Accounting Professional who will know you by name, know your business inside and out, and be available when you need them.
The Best Financial Consulting Firm You Can Count On!
Experts in accounting, bookkeeping, and business coaching will help your business succeed.


Bruce Gordon is a world-renowned expert in business, growth, management, and finances. He first started his own business right out of college when he built a small fitness studio with the dreams of expanding it into an empire. However, soon the business was in trouble. The studio was quickly running out of cash, and it was at risk of bankruptcy.

That’s when Bruce came up with a brilliant idea. He built up a genius financial system for his business that made so much money that it quickly expanded into a fitness empire. Excited with his new system, Bruce started many other ventures that became a huge success. The success of this system attracted a lot of other businesses to Bruce to ask for his advice on their finances, and they paid thousands of dollars to learn his systems and processes. Once they put his system in place, these other business owners also started enjoying financial improvement and less stress and time spent on their financial reporting.

This is why Bruce founded Profit Solutions, a service that helps businesses set up their bookkeeping and accounting systems that pays for itself while reducing the workload of the owners and helping their finances. Besides helping other businesses, Bruce loves spending time with his family, traveling, swimming, and having fun with his two Great Danes.

Why Us?

We know there are many firms out there offering similar professional bookkeeping services. It can get tough for you to decide which one you should choose.

That’s why we want to make things simple for you and reveal to you exactly why we are the best and the only accounting firm you’ll ever need. 

So, here are a few things to consider…

We are An Extension of Your Team
We don’t work for you, we work with you. This means when you select our Accounting Plus service, you get a dedicated business consultant that knows you by your name, your business intimately, and can help you with tough decisions to achieve your business goals more effectively.
Personalized Service
We understand how every business’s needs are different. You might not need every service that comes under the umbrella of bookkeeping or accounting. That’s why we provide you business bookkeeping services in packages so you can choose the one tailored to your business needs.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
You can get your questions or queries answered within a few minutes whenever you want.

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

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