Precision Bookkeeping

Say Goodbye To Bookkeeping Hassles, Worries, and Excessive Fees Forever!

Precision Bookkeeping is Your Solution.

Who is it for?

Any business owner who is doing his/her business books themselves.
Any business owner who isn't 100% sure of his/her financial reporting accuracy.
Any business owner who doesn't get his/her financial reporting timely, consistently, or without having to ask for them.
Any business owner who thinks they are paying too much for accurate, timely financial reporting.
Any business owner who is tired of dealing with Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 overseas support.

What is it?

It all starts with the simple premise that “Business Bookkeeping Should Be Simple”.

Get an experienced, trained, dedicated U.S Based business bookkeeper who oversees and manages your business’ financial reporting to provide you with clear, easy to understand, 100% accurate financial statements on-time... every time.

Here’s your team:

Senior Business Accountant (“CSM”)

Once you sign up, you are assigned a dedicated US based Senior Business Accountant or “CSM” who has years of accounting and bookkeeping experience along with a strong financial background.

Senior Accountant (“SA”)

Reports directly to your CSM, and is responsible for making sure your profit focused financial reporting is 100% accurate and delivered timely to you.

Junior Accountant (“JA”):

Handles the day-to-day record keeping of your financial records, as well as works closely with your CSM and SA to measure performance.

The journey with Profit Solutions →

1. Meet Your Senior Business Accountant 

Your journey begins with a dedicated Senior Business Accountant or “CSM”, who will get to know you to gain a firm understanding of your business, your market, your goals, and everything needed for a successful collaboration with Profit Solutions.

2. Onboarding Begins

This is a cooperative process by which you and your CSM work together to provide Profit Solutions with everything we need to take over your business bookkeeping without you have to lift a finger thereafter.

3. Rolling Up Our Sleeves And Going To Work

Once we have the requisite access information and data files, we go to work for you creating clean, transparent, and 100% accurate financial reporting from top to bottom.

4. Getting It Right The First Time and Every Time

Undoubtedly there will be questions to get it set up right the first time. So you and the CSM will meet to discuss any questions or issues that may arise. We get them all sorted out at the very start so it is clear sailing from here on out.

5. A Roadmap For Success

With your daily transactions being recorded accurately and timely, you now have successfully offboarded the financial reporting process to us. What's more, you have your CSM trained in your financial reporting who is now able to intelligently discuss any issues that may arise from time to time.

The benefits of choosing our accounting services


With all of your financial reporting off your plate completely, think about all the newly created free time you now have to focus on running your business better. Not a bad deal, right?


With the Profit Solutions team handling your bookkeeping timely and accurately, you can now rest easy that government regulatory agencies won’t be a thorn in your side. Your CSM will advise you of things that need to be taken care of ahead of time so you can rest easier.


Imagine yourself one month from now: You get your financial reports done for you and they are done right. You have a veteran CSM you can count on to make sure that your financial reporting is 100% accurate and delivered to you timely. You have more time on your hands and less stress…Your business life is just better in every way imaginable. Now, don’t imagine it, choose it.



Profit Solutions will help you make more money! When you sign up for our Accounting Plus service, we’ll assign you a Business Consultant who will provide you with the expert coaching you need to maximize your profits.

Financial Statements
Our financial statements for small business clients are prepared and reviewed by certified accounting professionals. Your business consultant will go over your financial statement with you to help you understand how you can make more money.
Budget Management
We can forecast, create, allocate, and monitor budgets while analyzing your spending and managing your cash flow. Proper cash management can improve your company’s liquidity, reduce costs, and help you make more money.
Project Accounting
Need an accountant for an individual project? Our trained accounting professionals can assist in budgeting, accounting, and monitoring the progress of projects.
Internal Audits
We will walk through transactions step by step to determine proper flow and documentation while finding areas for improvement.
Financial Projections & Forecasts
We can help you plan for your company’s future with a financial projection.
Business Formation, Entity Selection, & Restructuring
We will advise you on selecting the right entity type for your needs and restructuring if your current type is not a good fit for you.
Business Financial Planning
We can help you forecast sales, create an expense budget, project income, manage cash flows, and deal with assets and liabilities.
Assurance & Advisory Services
We can review the accuracy of your financial records, evaluate your procedures, and streamline your business processes.
We can compile financial statements for internal purposes based on information that you provide us.
Payroll Services
Our Payroll Services include set up and maintenance of all records, timecard tabulations, withholdings of tax and benefit contributions, Federal and State tax filings, issuance of checks, and preparation of all W-2 and 1099 forms.
Debt & Finance Advising
We will analyze the different options that are available for debt management and financing to lower your payments and/or reduce your interest.

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

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