June 3, 2021
Alex Griffin

Profit Solutions – Who We Are

You may have heard the name Profit Solutions, or maybe not, but you probably don’t know exactly what we do. So I would like to take this chance to re-introduce ourselves!

Profit Solutions is not just a bookkeeping company, nor just an accounting company. There are many facets to what we do here at Profit Solutions so we hope you will allow us to introduce ourselves, again, and give you a better understanding of why what we do is so important for all small to medium businesses, no matter what industry you are in.

Ask yourself this question: do you know how much it costs your business to bring in revenue? Do you have any idea what that revenue is costing you? I bet you’ve never been asked these questions before! You may know how much profit margin you should be making based on your industry’s best practices – and if you don’t, go ahead and Google it. Don’t worry, we’ll wait…

Great! So now that you know, are you there? Are you at that profit percentage? If so, great! That’s so awesome! If not, let’s get you there!

What we like to do at Profit Solutions is coach you in understanding your industry and how to grow your potential in it, so you are looking at the highest possible profits your business can bring in for your industry.

Did you know that having a bookkeeper or accountant on staff, or using a third party, is just an expense for your business that you’ll never see a return on? It’s pretty much money out the window. Wouldn’t you rather pay for a bookkeeper or accountant that was actually an investment?

*95% of our clients pay for our services out on increased cash flow and profits within the first 90 days of working with Profit Solutions*

That means that in 90 days after hiring Profit Solutions, you will more than likely see that money you spent back in your profit margin. And that’s just the beginning! Imagine what 6 months would look like, or 12!

But how? You may be asking yourself…

One of the biggest problems that exists today is that business owners don’t have timely information that clearly shows what you should be spending money on and how much money you should be spending on it in order to maximize profits.

What areas are you overspending? What things should you be looking to eliminate, find better, more effective solutions, or simply leave alone? Conversely, business owners don’t have information that enlightens them as to areas that they need to spend more on to increase profits!

Profit Solutions installs top down business practices to help align all aspects of informational reporting for one purpose… to help business operators clearly understand how what they are doing affects profits. Financial reports, bank accounts, purchasing systems, sales systems… everything is designed to collectively work together to provide a crystal-clear roadmap of how to maximize profit.

Now, don’t get us wrong – we still make sure all of your books are good and we get you set up for tax season, but as you can see, we do so much more. And for waaaaay less the cost of hiring a bookkeeper or accountant full time. We are your full-time accountants, just with benefits! Our CEO has been running small to medium size businesses successfully (and I mean successfully $$$) for over 35 years, which makes him a bit of an expert. We take that expertise and bring it to you. We become a part of your business, your partner, your friend. We succeed if you succeed!

One thing we here at Profit Solutions pride ourselves on is our incredible team that is ready to get you on board. They are the experts on Profit Solutions and would love to have a simple chat with you on how Profit Solutions can help you increase your business profits. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about, right? Well we look forward to helping you increase your profits and get to the top in your industry, so go here to get a consultation with one of our experts: https://profitsolutions.com

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