February 7, 2022
Alex Griffin

Tips for More Effective Invoicing

Invoicing Made Easy

Many people go into business because they love some aspect of that business. Be it a product (great food, beautiful clothes) or a service (consulting in any number of industries), love of an industry often leads people to make a leap to become business owners.

What most of them don’t love are the endless rounds of paperwork.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t just to ignore it and hope it goes away. Each bit of paperwork (whether digital or on actual paper) serves a purpose, usually signaling a task to be completed and eventually providing a record for the business—and one such task is invoicing. It’s vital to the health of a business that invoices go out in a timely manner and are easy to follow, so that payment comes in promptly. You can achieve both of these things with these tips!

Make a Template

A template ensures that you will have all the necessary information both you and the receiver of the invoice need to complete the tasks of billing and payment. A good invoice includes complete contact information for all parties, details about the goods and services rendered, and terms of payment and due dates. In addition, it’s best if it also includes types of payment accepted and ways they can pay(online, on the phone, via mail). Finally, each invoice should have its own unique invoice number. That way, if there are any questions now or in the future, it will be easy to reference.

Take the time to arrange the information in a document that’s easy for you to use and easy for your client to read. Once your template is made, it will speed up the process, because you’ll already have a document filled out with basic information.

Create the Invoice

Depending on the size and nature of your business, it may be no problem to create each invoice by hand, or it might require the use of a database or even software with an invoicing function. Either way, it’s important to make every aspect of the invoice as clear as possible –including the individual charges, the payment terms, and the total due.

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